Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a medical discipline working for improving physical functionalities and minimizing deformations and scars caused by accidents, diseases or congenital anomalies. As it is widely known, Plastic Surgery also covers the surgical branch of esthetic surgery which reshapes facial and bodily characteristics and improves physical appearance.

The Main Surgical Operations Performed in our Department

What is Nose Remodeling/Rhinoplasty? What does it aim?

Rhinoplasty, esthetic nose remodeling surgery is done for making available appearance of nose appropriate with other parts of face. Accordingly, it can be planned for helping improving self-confidence of people, changing their perception on their physical appearance and considering that it will have positive impact on physiological life of individuals.

In a rhinoplasty operation, the respiration problems, if any, as well as the shape of nose can be resolved. While, a nose is remodeled, it is aimed not to harm its functionality.

Both the septum deviation and hypertrophy of nasal conchae can be resolved by these operations.

What is a Prominent Ear Operation?

Ear esthetics is called "otoplasty". The genetic and congenital ear deformations or the ones caused by external effects are resolved by ear esthetics operations. In ear esthetics operations, the purpose is to normalize the angle between the ears and the head.

What is Hair Transplantation by HUE Method?

The first option comes to mind for hair transplantation procedures is the FUE method. The FUE method is a surgical method, which should only be performed by surgeons and surgical technicians in an operating room environment.

The satisfaction rate of the patients with the hair transplantation procedures conducted by the FUE method is relatively higher than other methods. Scientific data also supports that finding. Removal of hair roots by means of small needles instead of surgical incisions causes less pain and shortens the time of an employed patient to return to his/her job.

What is the Purpose of Breast Augmentation Esthetics?

At first, it is aimed to increase fullness and projection of your breasts. By this way, you can have more balanced and symmetric breasts. Your appearance and self-confidence improve quite. The general opinion of the world of medicine is to use silicon prosthesis for getting the most permanent results from breast esthetics.

-Breast augmentation operation can be done easily on any women who think the size and volume of their breasts are insufficient, desire to eliminate the loss of fullness caused by weight loss and resolve the deformations caused after delivery or breastfeeding.

What is the Purpose of Breast Reduction Esthetics?

If, your breasts has a disproportionate structure compared to your bodily physique, you have large and heavy breasts with saggy nipples, one of your breasts is bigger or smaller than the other one, you have neck and back pain because of your large breasts, you have rash and similar conditions between your breasts or you cannot perform some physical activities because of your large breasts, you can have proportional, esthetic and non-problematic breasts by means of a breast reduction operation.

What is Gynecomasty?

The gynecomastia problems seen in men can be eliminated through developing esthetic surgical techniques. Gynecomasty can be done in two ways. The first way is to removing the excessive fat in breasts through liposuction method. And the second is to surgically reduce the breast size.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is translated into Turkish as removal of fat. Here, the aim is to suck excessive fat which cannot be rendered through exercise. The processes called as Liposhaping, Lipoline, Liposoft, Lipoplasty and etc. have the same function with liposuction. Liposuction is not a weight reducing operation; it is used for removal of localized fatty tissue at basin, abdomen and sides of abdominal section and etc.

What is Vagina Esthetics?

These are the operations performed for restoring the deformations experienced by women in their genital area.

Genital esthetics operations are considered within two contexts. The first one is labia majora as large vaginal lips which covers surgical restoration of that problem. The second one is narrowing of widened vagina especially as a result of delivery. Both surgical operations can be performed concurrently or separately. During these operations, uterine prolapse or bladder prolapse operations can be performed concurrently with obstetricians.

Reconstruction of hymen is also done as a part of genital esthetics operations. Hymen is reconstructed temporarily by stitching or permanently by flap method.


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