The Private Yüzüncü Yıl Hospital, which was opened in 2005 to provide healthcare services at world standards, has been continuing to provide its services by combining the requisites of modern medicine with its long-years of experience through its renewed face. We work continuously with our physicians and entire staff in order to take our hospital which has an esteemed place in the increasingly growing and strengthening healthcare sector of our country further and provide you the best healthcare services.

We expand our staff with the physicians, expert in their fields and add technological devices to our inventory in order to provide you better services at higher quality. We think, plan, implement and supervise with our entire staff to provide you with optimum services. Our hospital is at your service with its specialist physicians with academic career backgrounds, experienced healthcare staff, its diagnosis-treatment units equipped with advanced medical technology, modern physical spaces, comfortable patient rooms, patient-oriented service approach and quality policy.?


  • • 4 Fully-Equipped Operating Rooms
  • • An Emergency Treatment Room
  • • A Delivery Hall
  • • Capacity of 76 Beds
  • • Suite Patient Rooms
  • • Intensive Care Service 
  • • Sterilization Unit
  • • Meeting Hall
  • • Place of Worship
  • • Cafeteria
  • • Car park
  • • Single rooms with bathroom
  • • Companion bed
  • • Nurse call system
  • • Emergency call system in the bathroom
  • • Free wireless internet connection
  • • LCD TV
  • • Refrigerator
  • • Air-Conditioner
  • • Phone



  • Adres: Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Caddesi No:54 Çankaya / Ankara

Otobüs ve Dolmuş Güzergâhı
Kızılay Güvenpark, Minibüs duraklarından Kızılay-Çukurambar minübüsü ile hastane önünde inerek,
Metro İle Ulaşım Güzergâhı
Kızılay -  Söğütözü Metrosundan, 134 Nolu EGO otobüsü ile 13024 (hastane önünde) nolu durakta inerek,
Aşti Otobüs Terminali Ulaşım Güzergâhı
AŞTİ Terminalden Gölbaşı Minibüsüne ile Konya yolu 100. Yıl Taurus AVM önünde inerek,   
Hızlı Tren Garından Ulaşım Güzergâhı
Ankara Gardan, Kızlay aktarmalı Metro ile Söğütözü durağından 134 nolu EGO otobüsü ile
Havaalanından Ulaşım Güzergâhı
Esenboğa Havalimanından BelkoAir otobüsleri ile Kızılay üzerinden ulaşabilirsiniz.


Hizmet Saatlerimiz

  • Pazartesi-Cuma:
    08:30 - 17:30 
  • Cumartesi:
    08:30 - 13:00
  • Acil Servis:
  • Yatan Hasta Servisi:


Özel Hastane Ankara Özel 100.Yıl Hastanesi