Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Anesthesiology and Reanimation

The most important part of the history of humanity in struggle for life is the constant fight against physical pain. The first attempts for eliminating pain were done by Hippocrates and Galen by using 'poppy', 'mandrake root' and alcohol. In addition, sponges soaked in opium were also used for that purpose. Until 1842, any surgical intervention is a painful and great challenge both for patients and surgeons. In the forthcoming course, anesthesia has become a scientific discipline and operating room, intensive care and pain treatment are performed safely in today's course following developing technology of today's conditions by Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Specialists.

The services provided by anesthesiology and reanimation specialist of our hospital

• Preoperative and anesthesia related all kinds of evaluations are conducted in the anesthesia polyclinic and the patients are informed through individual meetings.

• Appropriate anesthesia method for ally kinds of surgical procedures implemented in operating rooms and safety of patients are ensured.

• Anesthesia and analgesia are applied in diagnostic, surgical or painful interventions (endoscopy, colonoscopy and etc.) performed out of an operating room.

• Post-operative analgesia and post-operative patient follow-up are performed, in other words, it is ensured that the patients have a painless and comfortable post-operative period.

• Painless delivery is provided through epidural analgesia method.

• The anesthesia methods such as general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, sedoanalgesia, sedation and all interventional processes (central venous cauterization) are performed.

Patients are usually afraid of sleeping, in other words anesthesia rather than having a surgical operation, when a surgical operation decided by a surgeon. Anesthesia makes a part or entire body senseless against pain. In other words, when a patient decides to have an operation, the patient also allows a conditions where he/she does not have any control on his/her body in a completely or partially unconscious condition and during this time, the skill of the anesthetist shines out. Anesthetists are the persons who are specialized in first aid, intensive care and pain treatment subjects. Your anesthetist who controls vital functions such as your respiration, circulation and etc. is your protective in all respects.

Theoretically, there are several complications with anesthesia while, it is said that an anesthesia implemented by an anesthesia team in a fully-equipped hospital is much safer than driving in traffic.


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