Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

With its experienced staff of physicians and healthcare professionals in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, the surgical operations, post-operative intensive care and etc. services are provided by our service and polyclinic units in accordance with scientific and technological developments. The adult open-heart surgeries, adult vascular surgeries and interventional-angiographic intravenous diagnosis and treatment procedures are administered.?

As, ten-years of opening rate is over 95% in coronary by-pass surgeries among open-heart surgeries, the by-pass operation is conducted firstly through the left internal mammary artery (LIMA). In the cases requiring more than one by-pass operations, the right internal mammary artery, radial artery and saphena are used. Minimal invasive (through small incisions) open-heart surgeries can be done on suitable patients.

If, the structure of heart valve is suitable for restoration in heart valve operations, at first, the heart valve is restored, if not, the heart valve is replaced. In surgical operation of replacing heart valves, frequently metallic heart valves are used while biologic heart valves are also used. Preferably, biologic heart valve can also be used for the patients expecting pregnancy or the elderly patients.

In aorta aneurysm/dissection operations, the unhealthy section is removed and artificial vein/s are replaced instead.

In Occlusive Peripheral Vascular Diseases, own saphena of a patient, artificial vein or biologic vein grafts are used in by-pass operations.

Whenever, required, the contractions, aneurysms and tumors of carotid artery are treated through own saphena of the patient or using an artificial patch.

Administration of permanent or temporary dialysis catheters, opening fistula by using own veins of the patient or an artificial vein, restoration of nonfunctional fistulas and closing varicose fiscula operations are performed for the patients undergoing dialysis.

Advanced treatment methods such as endovascular (intravenous), laser, radiofrequency, steam, glue and foam sclerotherapy are implemented for treating varicose patients. The varicose patients are discharged in the day of operation and they can turn back to their normal daily life routine in a very short time. In addition, the telangiectasias (webs of capillary vessels) becoming apparent subcutaneously are also treated for cosmetic purposes.

In addition, PRP and stem cell procedures are performed for treating scars and preventing loss of any limb in treatment of Occlusive Peripheral Vascular Diseases, especially the Buerger diseases which are impossible to be treated through surgical operations and endovascular interventions.


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