Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases

Examination, diagnosis, treatment and preventive healthcare services of children and youngsters in between 0-18 are provided by our professional healthcare staff. Our specialist physicians and assistant staff serve 7 days 24 hours at our polyclinic and the Emergency Service in any and all kinds of diseases and disorders of your children throughout their entire childhood beginning from birth.

Healthcare checks, growth-development follow-ups and vaccinations, respiratory functionality tests and allergy tests of infants and children are performed in our polyclinic.

If, it is considered necessary, our children are intervened immediately within a coordination by establishing cooperation with our physicians who are expert in all other disciplines. We also have an inpatient treatment unit in our hospital. Our little ones to be subjected to inpatient treatment have the rooms prepared by considering all their needs including a playroom.

In normal deliveries, our infants are followed by our nurses on 24 hours-basis and also checked by our specialist podiatrists.

Pediatric Allergy

Allergy as one of the most frequently observed diseases of our age is the reaction of our immune system against materials which are normally harmless. The children who live in extremely hygienic environments, away from the nature, fed by unnatural foods and frequently subjected to antibiotics, antipyretics and other medications are under higher risk of catching allergic diseases.

If, the children with allergic diseases are not followed and treated under control of specialist physicians, they are faced with serious risk such as asthma.

Allergic complaints and problems should be evaluated, followed and treated by a pediatric allergist.


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