Dermatology performs diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nail, entrance points of the body (such as mouth mucosa) and veneral diseases (sexually transmitted diseases).

The Dermatology Department of our Hospital provides high-quality healthcare services for our patients with its experienced staff and advance technological equipments.

In our Dermatology Department, diagnosis and treatment of all dermal diseases are performed through modern technological methods by our specialists with academic background.

The diseases diagnosed and treated in our Dermatology Department:


Hair Diseases

Dermal Fungus Diseases (Diagnosis, treatment and taking protective precautions against fungus diseases on your body, pubic region, scalp and feet).

Nail Diseases (fungus diseases of nails, color changes on nails, broken and thickening nails and treatment of ingrown toenail).

Allergic Dermal Diseases (Urticaria treatment and examining its causes, treatment of skin rashes due to medications, treatment of "atopic eczema" in pediatric patients, treatment of contact allergies (contact dermatitis), solar allergy and its treatment

Parasitic dermal diseases (treatment of phthirus and mange)

Sexually transmitted diseases (treatment of syphilis and genital warts and herpes)

Early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers

Diagnosis, tracking and treatment of moles

Cutaneous disease

Viral exanthema diseases of derma (such as herpes and zoster)

Spot treatment (Treatment of spots after delivery or caused by sunlight)

Other diagnosis and treatment of dermal diseases (diagnosis and treatment of itch, callus, oral cankers, Behçet's disease, dandruff on face and scalp, rheumatismal dermal diseases)



Facelift by threading


Mesotherapy practices

Hair transplantation

Chemical peeling


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