A sudden circumstance which threathens the life or life integrity of a person is defined as "an emergency health situation". The patients in such condition are intervened at the emergency services for acute diseases or injuries.

In order to provide the first intervention fast and properly to our patients, our Emergency Service Department serves with its advanced technical equipment, supporting medical equipments and experienced physician staff on 7 days 24 hours basis.

In addition to this, the ambulance staff is always ready in front of our Emergency Service Department with its fully-equipped vehicles to meet any internal or external patient transfer requests.

Our patients applying to the Emergency Service Department are evaluated by our department staff and if it is considered necessary, the diagnosis and treatment process is coordinated rapidly by inviting our specialist physicians and auxiliary staff from other departments. Within the working hours, the Emergency Service Department is supported by all present branches of our hospital. Out of the working hours, the department is supported by specialist physicians whenever it is considered necessary.

By means of this communication network we establish through our "patient-oriented" approach, all required interventions can be done very fast.

In the observation and intervention rooms of our Emergency Service Department, the first interventions, examinations, observations and treatments are performed.


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