Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

Our eyes which allow us to perceive the external world are the most sensitive organs of our body. We should not neglect any problem related with out eyes in order to use them in the most efficient way for our life.

With its experienced staff, our eye diseases department brings together the problems with the perfect solutions by giving particular importance the health of our patients. The examinations and analyses of our department are conducted computer-controlled and both adults and children are served.

Several examinations within the scope of eye diseases such as computer-assisted visual field tests, eye angiography and etc. are performed in our hospital. As wel as polyclinic (outpatient treatment) services; there is an "in-patient treatment section" for the patients to be treated by hospitalizing in our Eye Health and Diseases Department.

The Fields of the Eye Health and Diseases Department:

General eye examination

Cataract operation (Phaco surgery)

 Lacrimal ducts and eyelid operations

 Eye and supraorbital cancers

Contact Lens

Eye pressure


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