Mouth and Dental Health

Mouth and Dental Health

Mouth and Dental Health

A beautiful smile makes everyone happy. However, several people cannot smile comfortably because of their mouth and dental problems. It is possible to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile through the treatment to be applied in our Mouth and Dental Health Clinic.

Undoubtedly, the most important duty of dentistry is to ensure that their patients have healthy teeth and perfectly perform their chewing functionality. In the Mouth and Dental Health Clinic, the course of treatment is individually determined for patients from all ages.

Dental Treatment and Dental Cosmetics Practices


Panoramic X-ray

Radio Composite Filling and Other Filling Types

Snaggle Tooth Treatment and Restorations with Pins

Pulp Capping

Root Canal Operation

Bleaching (Whitening of Teeth)

Bonding Practices

Periodontal Treatments


Subgingival Curettage

Periodontal Surgery

Oral Surgery

All Kinds of Tooth Extraction

Impacted Tooth Operations

Apical Resection

Implant Practices

Other Surgical Interventions


Fixed Prosthesis (Metal Supported Porcelain, Zirconium and etc.)

Removable Dentures (Frame, Sensitive Holder, Deflex and etc.) )


All Kinds of Tooth Treatments

Fixed and Removable Space Maintainers

Fluor Applications

Orthodontic Plaque Treatments


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