Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

Health has a special importance for the people to continue their lives, improve and maintain their life quality.

Sufficient and balanced nutrition is one of the most fundamental requirements of a high-quality and healthy life.

The biggest purpose of nutrition is to ensure that an individual is nourished sufficiently and properly in accordance with his/her age, gender, physiologic condition and dietary habits.

A sufficient and balanced diet should satisfy the nutrients needed for an individual at necessary levels. In a diet, absence of a nutrient or presence at very lower levels than required may influence availability, metabolism or requirement of others in a negative way.

The thing which should not be forgotten for a diet is that fast weight loss is not healthy. The important thing is to lose weight in a regular, healthy and slow way. An unconscious diet puts the disease/disorder of a person at more risk. Therefore, a diet should be specific for a person. Our Nutrition and Diet specialist supports our patients in nutrition and weight loss by applying tailored programs for each person.

The fields our department deal with:

  • • Obesity and nutrition during fatness
  • • Weight gain programs
  • • Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus
  • • Nutrition in cardiovascular diseases
  • • Nutrition in pregnancy and gestational diabetes
  • • Nutrition in childhood and adolescence
  • • Nutrition in kidney diseases
  • • Nutrition in cancer
  • • Nutrition of athletes
  • • Nutrition in digestive system diseases
  • • Nutrition in bone and joint diseases



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