Radiology is the medical discipline covering the sound waves, x rays and other imaging methods used for diagnosis. The Radiology Department gathering advanced and high-technological radiology devices under its roof serves our patients with its specialized physicians and experienced auxiliary staff.

Interventional Radiology

Our radiology specialists can perform interventional radiological processes as well as the diagnostic processes such as general radiology, ultrasonography, dopply ultrasonography, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging and panoramic x-rays.

In our Radiology Department, all radiological processes are continuously performed by modern and advance technological devices in all the emergency, polyclinic, intensive care, operating room and in-patient department on 7 days 24 hours basis. The results of radiological examinations are prepared in the shortest possible time and by this way, diagnosis and treatment course of our patients are accelerated.

Diagnosis and Treatment Devices Used in the Radiology Department:

Ultrasonography (USG)

Doppler USG

Detailed gestation USG



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Peripheral Vascular Angiography (stent balloon)

Biopsy (Lung, Liver, Kidney, Breast)

Biliary Duct Processes

Bone Densitometer


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